CB Passive Income Review

CB Passive Income by Patric Chan-Honest Review

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CB Passive Income by Patric Chan-Honest Review

In today’s post I am  gonna be talking about CB passive income by Patric Chan. This is going to be a full in-depth review.

I bought the product I’m going to cover you all the Upsells. What is contained in the product what you’re actually getting! Is it worth to buy it and yeah that’s pretty much it now. 

I am coming out with helpful reviews and really just giving you guys the best absolute information to help you create an online business, make money online and really live the freedom based life.

Living that laptop lifestyles I like to call it. I am on a mission to help over a hundred thousand people become laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs so if you’d like to be one of them make sure  You connect with me on Facebook here.

 let’s get into CB passive income. 

You don’t always see products in the internet space get to a version so it is fairly impressive that Patrick Chan has been able to do this.

So let’s talk about what you’re getting in the product obviously,the upsells, what you’re expecting to pay and then really  what kind of benefit do you see coming out of CB passive income.

First let’s come on over to the sales page.

CB Passive Income by Patric chan-honest review

This is a really good sales pitch I like it a lot it’s very very similar to the previous versions. This product actually first launched in 2013 and they’ve just kind of  kept updating it,adding one thing after another so the sales pages honestly stayed the same for a long time and it’s always been one of the best products online or on Clickbank.



Cb passive Income review

CB Passive Income- What’s Included and How it Works!

So When you will Join the CB Passive Income Program,You will get the following:

  • You will get pre-made landing pages with free products(Lead magnets) to promote.
  • Patric Chan himself follow up with his own crafted email (not everyone offers this) so You don’t have to worry about crafting email sequences which is kind of tough in my opinion.
  • You have to send traffic to your landing pages either via free traffic like Social media (Facebook,Youtube,Instagram etc) or run paid traffic to those offers.
  • You don’t have to go anywhere to choose a product to promote, in the follow up sequence Patric will send offers to your subscribers and if anyone buys it you will get commissions. 

If you are just getting started you should consider checking this : Free goodies 


What’s Good about this Program?


First of all, Patric chan is a very reputable marketer. When he says “Done-For-You” he mean it. 

#1 He gives you the best converting landing pages customized to the Lead magnets which can build your list for sure which is an asset in online Marketing.

#2 He himself wrote the email sequences which is kind of a big deal. Having a good follow up emails is very crucial to making sales.Even if you send traffic to your offers but if you don’t have a correct follow up sequences your offer won’t convert.

#3 Free Give aways-  He has free give aways  to send to your customers when they opt-in to your landing pages. Free give-aways are an Integral part of list building. And having a giveaway related to the product you will be promoting later makes your offer no brainer.

#4 You have to get a third party Autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse so you have complete control over to your list which means you can send other offers to your list and make more money.

What’s Not Included in CB Passive Income!

Traffic is not Included when you buy CB Passive Income. Heck, who gives the traffic.Lol

No where in the world traffic is included in any course. If that would be the case everyone would be millionaire.So,anyone reviews about that it’s a bad thing and it makes CB Passive Income vague because it does not include traffic.Ask them to give you any offer that does so.


CB Passive Income- Pricing 

$47 per Month or $497 Lifetime 

CB Passive Income has the above two pricing plans. For $497 you will also get the Inbox Pro feature. This will enable to you to automatically add all of your leads into your own autoresponder too. 

You can not merely depend on free traffics though. If you want fast results you have to go to the paid traffics.

In this case, Solo Ads works the best. I always use this because I get targeted leads at cheap rates.Use udimi.com to buy solo ads but don’t go too cheap when buying solo ads. Cheap won’t be good enough.You will make the list but it won’t be much effective in the long run.




CB Passive Income offers 3 upsells; “Inbox Pro Version” ($97), “Mass Bot Profits” ($99) and “Internet To Income Insider” ($100 per month).

I have not tried all the upsells myself but “Inbox  Pro Version” sounds promising to me. As many email marketing services won’t allow you to import subscribers for anti-spam reasons and that’s when “Inbox pro version” will comne as handy.


when you choose the lifetime pricing plan , Inbox pro version is already included by the way.


How Sustainable is CB Passive Income?


Well,CB Passive Income has been around for 6 years now and it’s on version 5, showing the system is pretty established and it’s continuously improving. I have never seen a “make money online ” offer so sustainable yet.So, for me it’s a big WOW to Patric Chan and his constant effort to making it great every time.



30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy, you can claim 100% of your money back within 30 days.So, you can try the system for 30 days and if you didn’t make any money you can ask for a refund,Period


My Verdict On CB Passive Income 

For me, it has worked pretty well and so it’s a big yes. For many Reasons:

  1. The creator, Patric Chan is a reputable marketer.
  2. Beginner friendly
  3. 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.
  4. Quality of upsells (though they are little pricey!)
  5. Subscibers will be yours but follow up emails will be sent by patric   

Get Full Details Here 

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