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SEO Affiliate Domination Review- Learn SEO to drive Sales!

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Hey guys welcome to my SEO affiliate domination review.


SEO Affiliate Domination


            Good About the Course 

√     The creator is renowned in internet marketing space for his transparency. He even shows his own website to deploy his results 

√  An active Facebook Group where he and his successful students answers every questions which I rarely see anywhere 

√ Your course can be completely Free (Read the article below)


         Bad About the Course 

×  You will feel information overload at times 

× You won’t need every tool that he recommends

× The method 1 taught in this course is not 100% long term

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seo affiliate domination review

In this post I’m gonna provide you an in-depth review of this course because I’ve been a member for a few months. I think since beginning of 2019 but couldn’t get time to write a review about it. I’ve had success with it on my own. I’ve also seen other people come into this course and have success as well but it’s not a perfect course whatsoever.

There are pros and cons just like any other course and in this post that’s what I’m gonna show you.

I got into Greg’s course and like most of you guys probably found him on Facebook or a Facebook group,some type of affiliate Facebook group.

I personally found him in the clickfunnels affiliate group and what really intrigued me to him is that he actually was a affiliate dream car winner for clickfunnels via free traffic.That’s kind of unheard of because these days it’s becoming a lot more relevant.

Greg came out with this course after being successful with his SEO efforts, but back in the days before Greg’s course everyone was just using paid traffic.

People paying for Facebook ads,Google Adwords or Bing or solo ads,great they work but no one was really teaching the insider secrets of how to promote clickfunnels or any affiliate offer with free traffic and in Greg’s course that’s exactly what he shows you how to do so.

So this is the main point we’re going to cover,the strategies you’re gonna learn in Greg’s course ,the pros, the cons and cost.

I am also going to give you high quality bonuses to get the most out of this amazing course should you decide to buy via button anywhere in this post.

Overview of SEO Affiliate Domination 


There are two methods talked about in this course.

Method One) Creating mass page sites and you’re going to be using a plug-in called SERP shaker to do this.You are going to be using WordPress for your sites.

Method number two) Creating Authority sites,now in this post I’m going to focus on just site method one.

In method one,essentially you’re creating massive page sites.You’re picking an offer, maybe a few more,but essentially you’re doing keyword research.

let me give you an example,let’s say that you want to promote “Clickfunnels” so we’re gonna go to a keyword tool,could be any tool but I just say Put the keyword there now it’s gonna provide you many long tail keyword variations.

What Greg’s method of mass page sites allow you to do is create 1000 unique articles around that topic around each one of those long tail keywords.

Now this is kind of an underground strategy you’re not gonna hear a lot of SEO gurus or the mainstream SEO community talk about this because not a lot of people do this right.

Some may even go as far to say that this mass page affiliate sites don’t work and that Google is just too smart for it to work,and to them I quote Arnold which says “break the rules not the law”.

Yeah there are some pros and some cons to mass page sites.

The first pro is that you can rank pretty well with these sites because google likes a lot of content and if you just keep reproducing 1000 wordpress posts around one affiliate offer for example and it’s keywords variations you are going to trigger an algorithm and ultimately you will see traffic coming in because of those highly targeted keywords you produced articles with.

Now number two it’s a fastest way to make your ROI when you invest in this course.The testimonials and screenshots you see from other students and I’ll show you a few of those here.They all come from these massive page sites.

The third Pro is once you know the process it’s really just rinse and repeat.

let’s move on to the cons of mass page sites.

It’s hit or miss, not every site that you put out there with this particular strategy is going to take off.There are some things you can tweak to make sure you’re doing things right and rank more effectively,but sometimes things are just not going to take off so that is one con.

The second con is that the results can diminish over time and these type of sites have somewhat of a short life.They can rank anywhere from one month to up to six months. That’s as long as I’ve heard it.It’s kind of like at an equilibrium here with pros and cons because you can just rinse and repeat and replicate the same site and the same site will take off so you do have a window of getting a lot of affiliate commissions before the diminishing returns starts kicking in.

Now Authority sites it’s basically not covered as in-depth,the principles of SEO though are covered and you can use them so like I said here the strategy isn’t covered as much in the course however it’s more of a mentioned topic in the course.And in the Facebook group,I might add, some people have mass page sites and they work on the their authority sites at the same time.




Anyways let’s talk about the pros of SEO Affiliate Domination Course 

Pro number one is the Facebook group.

The Facebook group is going to be a community of a lot of experienced SEO marketers. There are beginner marketers in there as well but it’s always active which I actually really like. I’m going to actually put an image here so you can see below what it looks like the community and how many people are actually in it.


seo affiliate domination

That’s a good one.You’ll be able to ask question like I did.I asked a few clarification questions via the Facebook group a lot when I started with this course.

Pro number two is Greg’s not shy about sharing his SEO progress so what happens in the Facebook group is Greg shares his what’s working for him.Essentially he shares what products he’s promoting, even shares his sites and his Commission payouts and all these can turn into nice little case studies that are in the course and in the Facebook group.I never have seen such a supportive Facebook group so far.

Pro number three is that you get your money back when you can prove that you can walk the walk so if you can demonstrate to Greg via message that you can make affiliate Commission’s that are equal to what you paid for his course you’ll get a hundred percent of your money back,in fact that’s exactly what I did.

I actually did show him,hey I’ve made this amount of Commission since I’ve been in your course ,can I get my money back? something like that ,wasn’t exactly like that but he did and I’ve seen a lot of people get their money back this year alone. I’ve made way over 3x my return on investment just by purchasing Greg’s course.

Pro number four is the weekly Q&A sessions, this is rather new so far it’s every Wednesday and it’s usually hosted by Kevin here.He took a chance on Greg’s course and it was the first time he ever made any money online.Although this was one of the first course he made money with.He’s one of the best people that make these mass page sites and he proves it month after month via the Facebook group.And I think that’s what really propelled him into this position of taking Q&A sessions and sometimes Greg also does fill in.But Kevin is a great resource to have especially in the Facebook group. Kevin’s result speaks for itself 


Seo affiliate domination review

pro tip number five it’s the tips and tricks that Greg shares in this course.Now I can’t reveal too much here but what I can say is that Greg does not hold anything back throughout this course.So be prepared to discover some gray hat and Beyond tips and tricks in the “scaling strategies section” of the course.

What I dislike about Greg’s SEO Affiliates Domination Course 

There is too much info that can leave you with shiny object syndrome.For example module 1-4 image and module 5-8 image. It will open up in new tab. Just have a look at the modules.


Once you get past the main four modules teach you the mass page affiliate sites that you’re gonna be creating.Once you get past that that’s where the scaling strategies come to come into play and below’s a sneak peek,YouTube,ecommerce, MLM domination and this list goes on guys.So that’s why I say the first con is that if you pay too much attention to these you might get the shiny object syndrome and you might not even get anything done.

SEO affiliate domination


So I would stick to the modules 1-8 to have the most success at first and then add these on to your affiliate strategy later on.

Con number 2 there are alternatives to the tools recommended.

There are some business expenses to this course.For example the mass page site plug-in I think is a hundred dollars or something like that and that’s non-negotiable right.You you need that tool to make mass page sites.However there are some things that I rebelled against,like for example my hosting. I think the hosting company that I’m with is fine. Greg recommends a certain hosting so there are some expenses that are just unnecessary. So what I’m trying to say and you’ll see what I mean.


The price of SEO affiliate domination


At one point this course got to $997. I haven’t taken a look at the sales page for a while but today I realized that it’s $497. I’m not sure if Greg’s doing some split testing with his pricing but I would get on board with Greg’s 497 price.

I think that’s actually the the fair,right price. Because for the information that you’re getting for $497 is absolutely worth after I have seen many other courses.


                                                          Get SEOAD INSTANTLY AND LOCK IN THE BONUSES

Let’s move on to the bonuses that I created for this course. These bonuses are specifically made by me for Greg’s SEO affiliate domination course and there are things that you’re not gonna find in the course.Things that I’ve learned in the community and also things I wish I would have had before just jumping into Greg’s course.

Bonus #1 Affiliate Coupons  (with this WordPress Plugin you will  easily be able to create coupons and generate more sales and more commissions)

Bonus #2 Banner Ads creator ( With this wordpress plugin you will be able to create attractive banner ads to generate more clicks hence more sales)

Bonus #3 Art Of Marketing  (Full Facebook marketing course $997 value )

Bonus #4 EASY Sketch Pro  ( Create amazing videos with this software and attract more customers)

Bonus #5 Commission blueprint ( This Course will make you a pro on getting commissions on daily basis from any offer )

For getting these bonuses you need to buy SEO affiliate domination through any link or button on this page.

Once you do that go ahead and email it to this email address (CONTACT@ZAOUL.COM) and once you do that I’ll send you these five bonuses within the next day or two or you can contact me on facebook directly here to get it instantly.


                                                       Get the Course + 5 Bonuses


There are real testimonials if you haven’t taken a look, there are a lot of testimonials on Greg’s page and they’re all video testimonials on sales page as well. Check out the video testimonials here


seo affiliate domination review



SEO Affiliate Domination Review Conclusion


let me conclude by saying this Greg does go against the grain.He tests what works and what doesn’t and then that’s how he eventually made this SEO course.

That’s how he became a successful clickfunnels affiliate so as Greg’s course worth it.I say absolutely. I give it a 98 percent score out of a hundred.

The goal of this course is to essentially make you $100 to $200 per day with SEO affiliate marketing.And I believe Greg’s course can do this for beginners,intermediates.

It’s been proven time and time again now if you follow through with what’s taught in the course and you’re persistent enough there’s no reason why you should not be able to make your first Commission with an affiliate SEO.

If you’re an experienced online marketer you’ll learn a thing or two as well.

So that’s my SEO affiliate domination review guys.If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below.

I hope you guys get into SEO affiliate marketing,it is one of the best ways to make passive income online and this is basically the blueprint.

                                                                      Get SEOAD NOW

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